Andrew is at it Again

When you work as a comedian not every aspect of the job is enjoyable. I don’t know how many of you have actually taken to the road for a tour or even just for work but it is not that easy putting your life on hold for several months or even up to a year. If you work internationally it can be an even longer tour. Regardless, it is a rewarding job when you can influence so many people for good.

The things that make comedy are the things in every day life that we accept as normal that really are a bit out of place. I think almost anyone can be a comedian if they can look at their own life objectively. If you want to be a comedian observe the world around you. Instead of just going with the flow ask yourself why things are the way they are and if others have taken the time to question the same thing.

I’m willing to bet that those of you reading this have at least thought about being a comedian before. A good place to start is in Las Vegas. Sin city will well known for more than just gaming. In fact, Las Vegas is one of the most popular places for performance including comedy.

Always make sure you are performing in a safe environment. Most of the hotels in Las Vegas have doctors on call that have their online ACLS certification. United Medical Education has worked hard to influence the hotel industry to incorporate a healthcare provider with ACLS certification on staff or on call. This means there is someone close that can respond in a medical emergency.

Be Yourself

One of my favorite places I worked was in Australia. While others were playing around me I was performing a show and having it broadcast online. Everyone can use a good laugh when gaming their life away. At least I can help entertain them while they do.

Becoming a comedian is a risk in and of itself. But if you’re willing to bet on yourself you just might make it. Everything in life is a risk so you might as well bet on yourself and your dreams.

So sit down and make a list of your dreams in life. What are you doing to move in the direction of accomplishing those dreams? Spend at least a half hour a day working on fulfilling your dreams and making them happen. You can accomplish anything with the right amount of time and the right amount of effort.  You need to remember that people who have accomplished great things in life are no smarter than you and no more talented.

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Andrew J. Lederer comedian was asked about some of his work and he tried to explain what he does and what he likes. For his Bridge-Burner show, he says that it is about someone who can take the perfect situations and who is going to destroy them. This is going to make the lives of many people worse than it should have been. He says that the show is about him and his propensity of his self defeating actions and such character can be unique to him. However, this is a good thing to the audience because of the humiliation he suffered on his own and the problems in his young adulthood and adolescence in the relationship with some people like Jim Carrey or Jerry Seinfeld with other talent executives who worked at Comedy Central.

When asked if he likes to be in Edinburgh or if he takes it as job, he answered that according to the orientations or perspective of someone, being in Edinburgh can be the chance for someone to reveal himself in such beautiful city where he is surrounded with every manifestation of arts or the chance of drinking or carouse within the company of the emotionally and grimy comics for 30 days which is in the other hand the time that someone should spend in the Prison and in this way, he can choose any of the two options whenever he wants.

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When he was asked what he is going to use 23hrs that he will not be performing, he said that he will be flyering, networking, whoring, drinking and sleeping. He will also have to attend to see other shows so that he can get jealousy of someone who is doing better compared to how he did. The best thing he had seen on the fringe is when Margaret Chow with another manager were dancing in late night during the after party show. The worst thing he had seen is when a sobbing local girl begged him that he should pretend that he is interested in her so that she can annoy his drunken boyfriend. He says that he shot off in the dawn and did not uphold the chivalry.

Andrew J. Lederer comedian is known for his anthology which is when the comedian does not talk about jokes but he makes fun his own life and makes people laugh. After the festival in Edinburgh, Lederer wrote in his blog about what he thinks about many things. Like how he is not funny as Hardy movie or Laurel or the episodes of Fawlty towers. He is shocked on how the government lies and how the corporations are not friends to anyone. Once in the festival, some critics talked about Doug Stanhope was trying to destroy himself in a positive way for him this is not comedy seeing someone destroying himself. He continued that people who finds this funny are also the people who can enjoy when someone is thrown into the lions or when they see someone getting a heart attack in the street.

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Andrew J. Lederer comedian sometime worked in the background and he provides the materials to other writers and performers. He contributed and also advised to the animation with film histories for Jerry Beck or other people. He was the one who wrote the sequences which Jackie Diamond performed. The show was performed on the Comic Strip Live and Fox TVs and he was consulted by Marc Price on The Midnight Hour of CBS TVs.   He was the consultant of Will Ryan and he was the key player in the recent trial of popularizing animated character of the Elmo Aardvark. He recommended that Harris Peet, a comedian play the Muddy Mudskipper role in the show of The Ren and Stimpy Show while he directed the audition tape. Even if Lederer is known to be clean, it is expected that sometime he says what he feels like and he is not under any limitation of the convention.

Lederer was under the mentorship of Jeff Garlin and this is during the period when Garlin was working on Curb Your Enthusiasm. He attended Garlin’s live on regular basis compared to other performers. This was a weekly comedy show and he was the host of the show in case Garlin was not able to attend. He was consulted in rewriting of abortive pilot for a sitcom under Garlin. The two also considered the writing collaboration for the Milton Berle’s HBO bio. After sometime, he assisted Garlin in the production of the documentary called Jackie Gleason and he was among the people who have been asked their opinion during the editing of the I want Someone to Eat Cheese With.

Some forget that Anthony was married to a pediatrician with her online PALS certification. As a doctor she cared for children with serious diseases and often dealt with medical emergencies. Online PALS certification courses are still commonly taken by pediatricians and other pediatric doctors.

The storytelling scene of UK which is increasing the popularity, it was inspired by Anthology of Lederer during the Edinburgh Fringe of 2005, the Amused Moose and the Storyteller’s Club begun under the veterans of Anthology show. The anthology presentation in London was the choice of the Critics in Time Out and for Evening Standard.

For some shows, Andrew J. Lederer comedian was the producer and the co-producer at the same time. He worked especially for the Parker Entertainment for many live productions which included the political comedy of Scott Blakeman with Play Lysistrata. He was the co-producer for the comedian Ahmed Ahmed show which won the Richard Pryor Award for the 2004 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show. He also co-produced Fried Chicken and Latkes which was a run of Richard Pryor’s in 2005. With Parker, he produced musical variety series called The Savage Breast. Lederer had performed many times on the Comic Strip, Catch a Rising Star and Improvisation or in the Comedy Clubs of Caroline. Other alternative venues do include the Surf Reality, Collective: Unconscious and Nuyorican Poets Café of New York. Other places are Creativity Bookstore of LA. The recent credits for live events include the storytelling of the Heeb Magazine and the comedy series of The Onions which took place at Joe’s Pub. He attended The Rejection Show of Mo Pitkin’s, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll’s Oh, Hello and Speakeasy Stories of Sherry Weaver.

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If you find yourself in New York, you can take time to see the shows of Andrew J. Lederer comedian. When he starts the show, he warns the people that the show is not an hour long that it is meant for laughing but it is him who is going to be telling the best history about his own life and this what he does with too much digression.

When it comes to the Lederer, the journey is given more importance compared to a destination. While living, he had to shared the apartment of a giant guy from Mexico who was shaped as a soccer ball along with a moustache. He once lived in the Paramount Studio where he was a bum but other people thought that he is the actor who plays in the role of the bum. He took the car trip around US together with a crackhead and even if he was giving up, he went ahead and made the final nine hour crash binge before he left and he believed that his car was on fire, lived on New York Subway System and worn the clothes from other people when they were leaving them on the launderette dryer. He had also to live secretly in the basement of the house of his parents and they never knew about it. He is known for his saying that if something does not kill you, it will show the level of you stupidity.

When Andrew J. Lederer comedian prepares for his shows, he says that he relives the lifestyle which he thought that he had left behind and this telling the stories in other stories and still in other stories. Lederer is capable of talking grammatically right sentences in his ornate and he agrees that he has little information about many things and he admits it. He says that he is digressive man and he was about to call this as The Parenthetic Man. He is a man who likes to talk to himself and it takes long to start the really show. You do not have to expect the gags but you have to know that his jokes are about interesting journey. Most of the time his show are enjoyable compare to the shows of other comedians who uses scripts for their show.

Whoever you are, you are going to like Andrew J. Lederer comedian. Even if he says that he is a New York comedian, he spends more time in UK and wherever he is, he is always telling the stories. Even if he is funny on his own, how he uses the language is which makes everything appealing. He can be addictive and the prose he uses is breathing the life in the people he tells the story. His comedy had been a treat in Edinburgh and it has inspired many nights in the London circuit which included the Storyteller club of Sarah Benetto. He once talked about how he was about to miss the 9/11 since he lived in New York. Sometime he performs in free fringe which means that you can still watch him even without paying.

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