The works of Andrew J Lederer comedian

Andrew J. Lederer comedian is based in New York and he stars in the low budget movies and he also works in the production and writing. He grew up in the city of New York and he was the vocal soloist in the Brooklyn Borough chorus, in live performance and in CBS-TV. He started to act in comedy in his teens and acted for the television and movies like The Facts of Life, Family Ties or Fame. He was also among the Body Count and Out of Control movies. Body Count had been nominated to participate into the Fantasy Film Award. There was an excised scene which was restored later on the DVD which was called This is Spinal Tap. He was an entertainer journalist and he was working like an editor or a writer for the wild cartoon kingdom and the Film Threat Magazine and the sci-fi universe among other. He decided to go back in the journalism in the year 2008 and 2009 when he was doing the series for a newspaper called The Scotsman. Now he is a blogger at The Huffington Post.

He wrote a large part of the famous Trivia Challenge under Disney/McDonalds. It was too hard and it had been reported in the major newsweeklies since it led the overworked library of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science in suspending information line for the entire time of the contest. The original screenplay he wrote called Won’t Fade Out had been given a full chapter within the book: The 50 Greatest Movie Never Made together with the unfinished efforts by the people like Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder and Stanley Kubrick.

Andrew J. Lederer comedian and Dave Feinman came together and they created the CWA. This is the semi-cooperative company that dealt with the management of the comedians in Los Angeles and they were helping them to get the acting work in late 1990s.

Andrew was considered among the alternative comedian according to how the term has been used in US in the beginning of the millennium. The Second Show which ran for a long period and Bobby Tisdale and Eugene Mirman comedy called Invite Them Up had been the first shows by comedians which were found at Rififio/Cinema Classics. Some of his one person shows like Me and Hitler, Bridge Burner and Clark’s Greatest hits had been presented among the shows for Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He returned to singing in the Loser’s Lounge when he was making the tribute to Bee Gees and this was followed by the solo Shows in New York. In the year 2007, he was consultant to a Fringe venue: The Green Room. The blogs he has written in the year 2006-2008 had been featured in the Chortle Comedy website of UK.

Andrew J. Lederer comedian is known for his storytelling style but not reciting the jokes or to make standard comic observation. Mark Price, who was his roommate at one time, said that Lederer is a Father for alternative comedy. However, Lederer said that this cannot be true since no practitioner had been influenced by his comedy.

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