Career of Andrew J. Lederer comedian other than comedy

Andrew J. Lederer comedian sometime worked in the background and he provides the materials to other writers and performers. He contributed and also advised to the animation with film histories for Jerry Beck or other people. He was the one who wrote the sequences which Jackie Diamond performed. The show was performed on the Comic Strip Live and Fox TVs and he was consulted by Marc Price on The Midnight Hour of CBS TVs.   He was the consultant of Will Ryan and he was the key player in the recent trial of popularizing animated character of the Elmo Aardvark. He recommended that Harris Peet, a comedian play the Muddy Mudskipper role in the show of The Ren and Stimpy Show while he directed the audition tape. Even if Lederer is known to be clean, it is expected that sometime he says what he feels like and he is not under any limitation of the convention.

Lederer was under the mentorship of Jeff Garlin and this is during the period when Garlin was working on Curb Your Enthusiasm. He attended Garlin’s live on regular basis compared to other performers. This was a weekly comedy show and he was the host of the show in case Garlin was not able to attend. He was consulted in rewriting of abortive pilot for a sitcom under Garlin. The two also considered the writing collaboration for the Milton Berle’s HBO bio. After sometime, he assisted Garlin in the production of the documentary called Jackie Gleason and he was among the people who have been asked their opinion during the editing of the I want Someone to Eat Cheese With.

Some forget that Anthony was married to a pediatrician with her online PALS certification. As a doctor she cared for children with serious diseases and often dealt with medical emergencies. Online PALS certification courses are still commonly taken by pediatricians and other pediatric doctors.

The storytelling scene of UK which is increasing the popularity, it was inspired by Anthology of Lederer during the Edinburgh Fringe of 2005, the Amused Moose and the Storyteller’s Club begun under the veterans of Anthology show. The anthology presentation in London was the choice of the Critics in Time Out and for Evening Standard.

For some shows, Andrew J. Lederer comedian was the producer and the co-producer at the same time. He worked especially for the Parker Entertainment for many live productions which included the political comedy of Scott Blakeman with Play Lysistrata. He was the co-producer for the comedian Ahmed Ahmed show which won the Richard Pryor Award for the 2004 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show. He also co-produced Fried Chicken and Latkes which was a run of Richard Pryor’s in 2005. With Parker, he produced musical variety series called The Savage Breast. Lederer had performed many times on the Comic Strip, Catch a Rising Star and Improvisation or in the Comedy Clubs of Caroline. Other alternative venues do include the Surf Reality, Collective: Unconscious and Nuyorican Poets Café of New York. Other places are Creativity Bookstore of LA. The recent credits for live events include the storytelling of the Heeb Magazine and the comedy series of The Onions which took place at Joe’s Pub. He attended The Rejection Show of Mo Pitkin’s, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll’s Oh, Hello and Speakeasy Stories of Sherry Weaver.

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