The basics of the comedies of Andrew J. Lederer comedian

If you find yourself in New York, you can take time to see the shows of Andrew J. Lederer comedian. When he starts the show, he warns the people that the show is not an hour long that it is meant for laughing but it is him who is going to be telling the best history about his own life and this what he does with too much digression.

When it comes to the Lederer, the journey is given more importance compared to a destination. While living, he had to shared the apartment of a giant guy from Mexico who was shaped as a soccer ball along with a moustache. He once lived in the Paramount Studio where he was a bum but other people thought that he is the actor who plays in the role of the bum. He took the car trip around US together with a crackhead and even if he was giving up, he went ahead and made the final nine hour crash binge before he left and he believed that his car was on fire, lived on New York Subway System and worn the clothes from other people when they were leaving them on the launderette dryer. He had also to live secretly in the basement of the house of his parents and they never knew about it. He is known for his saying that if something does not kill you, it will show the level of you stupidity.

When Andrew J. Lederer comedian prepares for his shows, he says that he relives the lifestyle which he thought that he had left behind and this telling the stories in other stories and still in other stories. Lederer is capable of talking grammatically right sentences in his ornate and he agrees that he has little information about many things and he admits it. He says that he is digressive man and he was about to call this as The Parenthetic Man. He is a man who likes to talk to himself and it takes long to start the really show. You do not have to expect the gags but you have to know that his jokes are about interesting journey. Most of the time his show are enjoyable compare to the shows of other comedians who uses scripts for their show.

Whoever you are, you are going to like Andrew J. Lederer comedian. Even if he says that he is a New York comedian, he spends more time in UK and wherever he is, he is always telling the stories. Even if he is funny on his own, how he uses the language is which makes everything appealing. He can be addictive and the prose he uses is breathing the life in the people he tells the story. His comedy had been a treat in Edinburgh and it has inspired many nights in the London circuit which included the Storyteller club of Sarah Benetto. He once talked about how he was about to miss the 9/11 since he lived in New York. Sometime he performs in free fringe which means that you can still watch him even without paying.

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