What Andrew J Lederer comedian thinks about Edinburgh Fringe Festival?

Andrew J. Lederer comedian was asked about some of his work and he tried to explain what he does and what he likes. For his Bridge-Burner show, he says that it is about someone who can take the perfect situations and who is going to destroy them. This is going to make the lives of many people worse than it should have been. He says that the show is about him and his propensity of his self defeating actions and such character can be unique to him. However, this is a good thing to the audience because of the humiliation he suffered on his own and the problems in his young adulthood and adolescence in the relationship with some people like Jim Carrey or Jerry Seinfeld with other talent executives who worked at Comedy Central.

When asked if he likes to be in Edinburgh or if he takes it as job, he answered that according to the orientations or perspective of someone, being in Edinburgh can be the chance for someone to reveal himself in such beautiful city where he is surrounded with every manifestation of arts or the chance of drinking or carouse within the company of the emotionally and grimy comics for 30 days which is in the other hand the time that someone should spend in the Prison and in this way, he can choose any of the two options whenever he wants.

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When he was asked what he is going to use 23hrs that he will not be performing, he said that he will be flyering, networking, whoring, drinking and sleeping. He will also have to attend to see other shows so that he can get jealousy of someone who is doing better compared to how he did. The best thing he had seen on the fringe is when Margaret Chow with another manager were dancing in late night during the after party show. The worst thing he had seen is when a sobbing local girl begged him that he should pretend that he is interested in her so that she can annoy his drunken boyfriend. He says that he shot off in the dawn and did not uphold the chivalry.

Andrew J. Lederer comedian is known for his anthology which is when the comedian does not talk about jokes but he makes fun his own life and makes people laugh. After the festival in Edinburgh, Lederer wrote in his blog about what he thinks about many things. Like how he is not funny as Hardy movie or Laurel or the episodes of Fawlty towers. He is shocked on how the government lies and how the corporations are not friends to anyone. Once in the festival, some critics talked about Doug Stanhope was trying to destroy himself in a positive way for him this is not comedy seeing someone destroying himself. He continued that people who finds this funny are also the people who can enjoy when someone is thrown into the lions or when they see someone getting a heart attack in the street.

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